Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This is what keeps me - ME

 Yesterday I went to the Georgetown Chamber luncheon. It was good, I met a lot of Georgetown folks that I will be getting to know over time. Leaving the Reunion Ranch - I turned on my phone and I started getting all the calls and text I missed, an all to familiar sound with my daughter. I pulled over and read the text's and changed my plans for the afternoon. My next job is to remember to take steady breaths, to listen to my own heart pounding sounding out "The HOPE that I have within".
She was again in the hospital. We had been trying to keep it from happening but the pain and throwing up had gone to that point - She has lived with so much of this. Pain the kind that comes with a torturous memory.

So I headed to the hospital. I expected to find her resting, expecting to find that the ER doctors would want her to experience relief, but no. The ER doctor decided to treat her as if she only had a dependence problem. So every few seconds she was wrenching with pain with her cry for help.
 She has had that same cry every since the trauma began at 11.
 I don't forget. 
The er doctor decided she needed to be admitted and signed off. 
A bit of relief until I found out that the hospital was full and the admitting doctor had a tall stack of files to see, each one a person that needed his attention.

On facebook I ask for prayer. 

Prayers happened, my back was rigid, my neck was rigid and I had forgotten all about breathing and listening to my own heart pounding out The HOPE that I have within.
Then it happened - the admitting doctor noticed her name on the chart and knowing her case, without waiting until he could see her - he gave instructions. Within a short time she was resting, still struggling with what always reminds me of childbirth pains, only a few minutes apart, but she began to take control of her breathing and move into a rest that allowed me to begin to relax my back and my neck.
You might know I always have my paints with me, I also had the beginnings of 4 pet portraits, I took one out and began to paint. The nurse came in to check on her and said 
"I paint" I smiled big and said I'm glad you do. Every little bit she made the habit of coming in to check on my daughter and my painting progress, each time asking painting and drawing questions. 
I meticulously answered each question. 
I taught her, 
I gave her paper and a drawing pencil to take home.
 I told her what to use instead of the tools that she told me she was struggling with. I was in my element. 
You see, this women, this nurse that had shown compassion to my daughter as well as several other patients all afternoon became someone that I could change her life because. I know the relief from pain that comes with loosing yourself in art, relaxing into steady breathing that includes a visual of the HOPE that is within. 

My art is available for purchase from 
Artisans Connect Gallery
122 E 8th Street
Georgetown, TX 78626
Wednesday - Sunday 512-943-4220
If you can't make it to Georgetown Tx Diane is happy to help you by phone or email to purchase one of my paintings.
Or if you would like to come see me
My Studio location
116 W 8th Street Suite 108, Georgetown, TX 
Please text me or call to let me know you are coming.

My studio is a suite down the hall inside this door. You will see my art in the hallway when you look through the window.
 I hold private painting, drawing classes, I paint commissions, I hold open studio, and I show, and discuss commissions, license's and art sales.
 I have imposed a NO COMPUTER work rule in my Working Artist Studio! It is designed after  my pre 1979 Studio. 
My plan is to be there Wednesday-Saturday 10-5 and First Friday's on the Georgetown Square until 9:00 pm.
Thank you, Kathleen

Available at Artisans Connect Gallery, Georgetown, TX 512-943-4220

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